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'Searching for Sugarman': Sixto Rodriguez's Obscure to Icon Journey


Sixto Rodriguez. (Photo: Publicity image for Searching for Sugerman)

The new documentary "Searching for Sugarman" tells the story of musician Sixto Rodriguez. Rodriguez, a Detroit area singer, recorded an album in 1970 and soon dropped into obscurity in the US after that.

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But in South Africa, Rodriguez is a household name. He became part of the counterculture anthems and an icon for anti-establishment South Africans through songs like "Crucify Your Mind."

The documentary, directed by Malik Bendjelloul, traces Rodriguez's fascinating journey from being a forgotten star to an anti-Apartheid icon.

Anchor Marco Werman talks to Rodriguez to about his unorthodox career path and how the new documentary brought him back into the US spotlight.