Louie Gohmert: Aurora shooting caused by attacks on Christian-Judeo beliefs


House Republican Policy Committee member Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) joins other members of the committee for a news conference on the first day of the Supreme Court oral arguments on the constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in Washington, D.C.


Chip Somodevilla

Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert said the mass shooting at a Colorado movie theater early Friday was the result of "ongoing attacks on Judeo-Christian beliefs" and questioned why no one else in the theater had a gun to kill the shooter.

In an appearance on The Heritage Foundation’s “Istook Live!” radio show, the GOP congressman said the US has told God "we don't want him around."

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"People say ... where was God in all of this?" the Washington Post quoted Gohmert as saying. "We've threatened high school graduation participations, if they use God's name, they're going to be jailed ... I mean that kind of stuff. Where was God? What have we done with God? We don't want him around. I kind of like his protective hand being present."

Program host Ernie Istook, a former congressman from Oklahoma, was quick to point out that the motive and religious beliefs of the gunman were unknown.

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But Gohmert called the shooting a "terrorist act" and said it wouldn't have occurred if America had stronger ties to God, the Houston Chronicle reported.

He also said it could have been avoided had someone else in the theater had a gun to take out the shooter.

Colorado laws allow for citizens to carry concealed weapons, according to the Chronicle.

“It does make me wonder, with all those people in the theater, was there nobody that was carrying a gun that could have stopped this guy more quickly?” Gohmert said, according to a transcript of his remarks made available on his website.