Mexico: Armed gang attacks a youth camp, rapes seven women


Sometimes it can seem like the cartels are bulletproof.



It was supposed to be a peaceful weekend for 90 kids on a religious retreat outside Mexico City. The camping retreat was sponsored by a church group called the Chains of the Holy Trinity, and police were scheduled to patrol the area. But late at night, an armed gang stormed the camp and went on a rampage, the Guardian reported. It's not clear if police were still patrolling the camp during the late-night hours. 

Prosecutors say that the gang of approximately 12 men attacked the young campers for hours, the Associated Press reported. Seven girls were raped in the attack. 

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The rape victims were all underage, Gulf Today reported. The attackers also beat and robbed the kids, taking jewelry and other valuables. The gang then took off, using stolen vehicles to get away. 

The attack occurred in Mexico's most populous state, the State of Mexico. The state has a reputation among human rights groups for its poor record on violence against women, Reuters reported. Amnesty International says that Mexican police only solve one in every 21 rapes that occur in the state.