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How's your sex life? In Miami and New York, it's great


A new study by Trojan condoms says people are having more, but not better, sex in the US.


Justin Sullivan

The latest sex study by Trojan Condoms may have more people saying "bienvenido a Miami."

According to the condom company, Miami tops the list of cities getting down and dirty, with the average Miamian reporting they have sex 177 times a year. Miami residents also reported having the highest sexual satisfaction, with 73 percent saying they are happy in the sack, the Huffington Post reported. 

The study, which surveyed 1,000 people in 10 major cities, also noted that Americans in general are having more sex. Survey participants reported having sex 151 times a year / 2.9 times a week, up from 2011, when he or she reported only having sex 120 times a year / 2.3 times a week.

While there may be more quantity, it looks like Americans are losing quality. In 2012, 67 percent of Americans claimed to be satisfied with their sex life versus 76 percent in 2011.

In a statement, Logan Levkoff, Relationship Expert and Certified Sexuality Educator, said of the study's findings, "We lead such chaotic lives that it's easy to become complacent in the bedroom. We need to make it a priority to maintain intimacy by having honest discussions with our partners about what turns us on, whether it's a new toy or a sexual fantasy."

Miami may be having the most sex, but New York boasts the most sexual partners, with the average New Yorker bedding 24 partners in their lifetime. 

While most New Yorkers were giving high-fives at the results, one SoHo resident Joseph Kar, 23 (who stood outside Union Square’s WholeFoods Thursday holding a sign that read: “Need a girlfriend") told the New York Daily News, “Sure we have more sex than the rest of the country, but is that something to be proud of?” he asked. “It makes it really hard to find someone to settle down with."

How does your city stack up? 

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