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Enough caffeine to wake the dead: Starbucks to open in funeral home


Customers queue for coffee at a Starbucks inside the Dulles International Airport complex on August 30, 2011 in Dulles, Virginia, near Washington, DC.



On your way to the afterlife you can now enjoy a tall non-fat whipped mocha latte. 

A funeral home in northwestern South Carolina announced it will be offering what it calls the Starbucks experience, the Washington Post reported. 

Chris Robinson, who owns the fourth-generation funeral home and crematory, explained to CNN that the coffee will be available in an appropriately named "coffee corner" in the funeral home. Robinson has hired a full staff of Starbucks baristas to handle every funeral going coffee need. He said the coffee will be discretely served to mourners and the public alike.

"When people have visitations, people come out and support families. This is another way to do that," Robinson said. 

Robinson told that coffee has always been a part of his family's business. He added, “We've always served coffee to our families. So as part of this new addition, where we're adding a new lobby, new arrangement offices, new bathrooms, we decided to incorporate a separate area for people who may want coffee.”

Robinson told ABC, he hopes the coffee provides a "little escape" and gives people a break from the stress they may be going through.

Oddly, this isn't even the first Starbucks to be opened in a funeral home. Another opened in a Dallas suburb last year. 

CNN shared more of Robinson's story in this video: 

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