Egypt's President Morsi reports 'fruitful' talks with Saudis in first foreign trip


Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi in Cairo, Egypt on July 8, 2012.



Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi today reported a "fruitful" first foreign trip, for which he singled out Saudi Arabia due to its "deep rooted and historical relationship shared between the two countries," according to Agence-France Press

The visit between the two historical allies came shortly after an unusual diplomatic spat saw the powerful Gulf nation briefly recall its ambassador due to Egyptian protests over the arrest in Saudi of an Egyptian human rights activist. 

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Morsi told reporters in Jeddah today that his talks with the Saudi king late Wednesday were "constructive," said AFP

"The stability of the region depends on the stability of Egypt and the Gulf, at the head of which stands Saudi Arabia," the Egyptian leader said. 

The Egyptian presidential delegation arrived in Mecca this morning, where the country's new leader -- who was sworn in June 30 -- performed morning prayers as part of a Muslim ritual known as the lesser pilgrimage, or umrah, reported Ahram Online