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Vanessa Hojda's 'Nic Cage' resume slip-up goes viral


The e-mail that turned 20-year-old Canadian student Vanessa Hojda into an Internet sensation.

Vanessa Hojda made a slip-up we've all made before: sending the wrong attachment in an e-mail. Hers just happened to have earned her Internet fame. 

Hojda, a 20-year-old student at Toronto's York University, was applying for a summer job as an administrative assistant at her school’s career center when she mistakenly attached a photo of Nicolas Cage in lieu of her resume to her e-mailed application.

Hojda, realizing her embarrassing mistake, blogged about the incident on her Tumblr account, which quickly went viral: Gawker, the Toronto Star, and even the Washington Post have all chronicled her mishap. 

However, the Post notes that the student — who is still searching for a summer job, though she has gotten several offers since the blog post — is taking the embarrassment in stride. 

“This whole thing got my name out there,” Hojda told the Post's celebrity news blogger Jen Chaney with a laugh. 

In three days, the young blogger has garnered 700 new subscribers, the Toronto Star reported. 

However, career experts are using Hojda as an example of what not to do when applying to jobs. 

“If you can’t present a document without typos or errors, it either wasn’t important enough or you’re a bad proofreader,” former recruiter Laura Hill, who now runs a career-coaching firm in New York City, told the Wall Street Journal. “It sends a bad message, obviously."

"The first thing that would go through my head is ‘delete,’” Hill added of Hojda's mistake. 

Another lesson to be learned from the 20-year-old, according to Gizmodo blogger Molly Oswacks

"Do not keep photos of Nic Cage on your computer, because should you happen to accidentally send one off to the wrong person, they will know that you keep photos of Nic Cage on your computer." 

Which leads us to wonder: is that really such a bad thing? 

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