A Canadian man searching for edible mushrooms in Fernie, British Columbia, stumbled upon an inedible giant weighing in at 57.4 pounds.

Christian Therrien, 62, and his son Sebastien, 34, were moving through waist-high wild grass when they spotted the enormous puffball mushroom, reported UPI.

"There was lots of laughing and screaming," Therrien told UPI. "I've found a lot of 5- and 10-pound mushrooms, but when I came upon this one I was shocked."

Therrien said he hadn't been out to search for the mushrooms for a couple of years "because I was kind of sick of eating them," according to The Globe and Mail.

But the native Quebecker thought this year's crop would be good because BC's rain lasted almost until July. He was right.

"Me and my son, we said, 'Holy S,' quite a few times," Therrien told the Globe of when he found the giant mushroom.

He said he pushed against the puffball mushroom to break it from its root and then lugged it to his vehicle so he could drive it home to Sparwood and place it on a scale, according to the Globe. It weighed exactly 57.4 pounds, about the same as an eight-year-old boy.

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Therrien's wife Mimi is now researching to see if the puffball is also a record-breaker, reported UPI.

And as for the mushroom? Well, Therrien decided to return it to its special spot in Fernie.

"I put it back where he was so the spores can spread again in that field,” he told the Globe.

The massive puffball should release numerous spores, creating new colonies of mushrooms next summer.

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