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Postcard from Borneo

This Geo Quiz is a wild one.

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We're looking for a place where you can find rainforests that are home to orangutans, gibbons, and a bird called a Bespectacled Flowerpecker.

One visitor says you have to be an early riser, though, to really appreciate this setting.

"It's early morning, the mist is rising. In the cooler temperatures at night, the water tends to condense and forms a mist around the treetops, and as the sun comes up this mist is slowing rising rising into the sky. Its evaporating and the forest is wakening up," they said.

The place we want you to name is one of Malaysia's 13 states. It's located at the northern tip of the island of Borneo.

The state's name means "Land Below The Wind" because this region is just beyond the reach of typhoons that whip around the Philippines.

A map might come in handy as well – since this Southeast Asian state we're looking for is Malaysia's easternmost state.

Can you name it?

Sabah, the easternmost state of Malaysia, is the answer to the Geo Quiz.

Chris Hails is a conservationist with the WWF — World Wide Fund for Nature. He recently traveled to the state of Sabah which is home to Danum Valley, one of the largest protected rainforests left in Malaysia, and sent us a postcard from Sabah.