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Indian jet makes emergency landing in Pakistan after reported hydraulic system failure


Air India aircrafts are seen parked on the tarmac of the international airport in Mumbai on April 29, 2011. Air India on April 28 sought a court order against striking pilots as a stoppage over pay entered a second day, grounding dozens of flights and causing widespread disruption for passengers.



An Air India plane made an emergency landing in Pakistan on Monday after a hydraulic system failure, according to reports.

The A-319 Airbus, carrying six crew members and 122 passengers, landed safely at Nawab Shah airport in southern Pakistan, the Associated Press reported, citing a civil aviation spokesman.

According to several reports, flight number AI-940 from Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates to New Delhi was forced to make the emergency landing after its three hydraulic systems failed.

NDTV reported that none of the pane's back-up systems kicked in.

"The aircraft was flying over Pakistani airspace when the pilot saw a warning light in the cockpit and sought permission to land at the nearest airport, which was Nawab Shah," an Air India representative reportedly said. 

However, news24online later cited Air India engineers flown to Nawab Shah airport as saying that the cockpit panel had emitted a "false alarm" about a technical problem.

"There was nothing wrong with the hydraulic system of the aircraft and, apparently the cockpit panel emitted false alarm making red lights to blip," the airline officials reportedly said.

"However, even such a technical glitch has to be corrected and that is being done."

Air India sent a plane to bring back the passengers stranded in Pakistan by the emergency landing.

Pakistan and India have a fraught relationship, having fought three wars against each other since achieving independence from Britain in 1947.

However, Air India confirmed that provision had been made in Pakistan for refueling of both its planes.

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