A Daughter's Journey: On the Ground in Cape Town, reflecting on HIV/AIDS



Emily Judem

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“A Daughter's Journey" is a series of blog posts by Tracy Jarrett, a GlobalPost/Kaiser Family Foundation global health reporting fellow. Tracy is traveling from her hometown, Chicago, to Cape Town, South Africa as part of a Special Report entitled "AIDS: A Turning Point.” AIDS took her mother's life when Tracy was five years old.

In her first blog post, she explained her motivation for the journey she has embarked on:

"Nearly two decades later, I am exploring my mother’s disease through reporting and writing," she wrote. "This summer, as the US prepares to host the first International AIDS Conference on American soil in 25 years, I’m setting out to discover what we can learn from other countries about the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS. I am most interested in the prevention of mother-to-child transmission.

I’ll travel from Chicago to New York to South Africa to report on what is being done to keep babies and their mothers alive, to fight against stigma and to help those infected while reporting on what is still left to do to achieve an 'AIDS-free generation.'"

Now she shares her findings from Cape Town with us via Skype in this video. Watch the first part of her Skype video here. Below is part two.

Read Parts I, II, III, and IV of Tracy's journey here.