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Buxom Bandit pulls off a brazen robbery in Gold Coast suburb


The Buxom Bandit caught in action on CCTV during the robbery.


News 7

Buxom Bandit brazenly robbed a petrol station in the suburb of Arundel in Australia's Gold Coast.

Police are hot on the trail of the well-endowed criminal who robbed the station at knife-point and made numerous threats against the attendant's life, reported the Daily Mail.

The robber entered the station while her male accomplice got gas.

According to the Sun, she was wielding a knife and demanded cash.

The attendant handed over the cash from the register, while she snatched goods off the front counter - likely leaving fingerprints behind.

The woman, believed to be in her early 20s, didn't even bother covering up her face, nor her bust, during the brazen theft.

Investigators believe they have identified key traits that may help them solve the crime quickly.