Greece: Left-wing militants claim responsibility for Microsoft bombing



Louisa Gouliamaki

ATHENS - A left-wing militant group calling itself the International Revolutionary Front claimed responsibility Saturday for the recent car bombing of a Microsoft building in Athens.

The attackers sent a van filled with gasoline through the front entrance of the Microsoft headquarters Wednesday morning causing extensive damage to the lobby and the front of the building, said the Guardian.

Two gunmen held security guards at bay with machine guns while they lit the van on fire.

There were no injuries.

The group said on its website: "We chose this building because Microsoft is one of the most powerful companies of the computer sector -- which is now carrying capitalism on its shoulders," according to Reuters.

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The militant group expressed solidarity for similar groups in Greece and Italy, while also mentioning the "Unabomber" Ted Kaczynski.

Greece has a long history of left-wing terrorism.

The most famous leftist militant group was 17 November, which carried out murders and bombings for three decades until it was broken up in 2002.

Police told Reuters that they were taking the group's claims very seriously.