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Survival by Muse picked as Olympic theme song (VIDEO)


British rock band Muse has provided London with its new Olympics theme song: Survival.



The British rock band Muse was chosen by the Olympic committee to provide Olympians and fans with an epic theme song. 

What Muse delivered is a crescendo driven rock opera ballad fit for a battle of, well, Olympic proportion with their song titled "Survival."

Muse seemed to be going for the literal in Survival with lyrics like, "It's a race, and I'm going to win."

Matt Bellamy, lead singer of Muse told BBC that the song, "expresses a sense of conviction and determination".

The song hit the right note with Bleacher Report writer Gabe Zaldivar who said, "It's the perfect blend of rock ballad with just a touch of Queen sensibilities. It's new but old in a way that only Muse could pull off."

However the song wasn't a hit with everyone. Seattle Pi wrote, "The song sounds like a Muse parody of Queen playing a Muse song." Fitting, as Bellamy did note Queen's "We Are The Champions" as inspiration. 

ESPN is holding a poll asking sports fans what they think. As of this morning, the poll had more than 1,500 responses. Over 51 percent of participants said they hate it. 

What do you think of Survival? 

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