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Mother jailed for overdue Twilight library book


Lori Teel was arrested for failing to return a Twilight book and DVD.


Christopher Polk

Lori Teel has bigger problems than deciding if she is team Edward or team Jacob. The New Mexico mom was jailed overnight after failing to return two overdue Twilight books and DVDs to her library. 

The Albuquerque Journal reported that Teel was arrested and handcuffed in front of her five small children earlier this month at her Portales home for the $36 worth of 'Twilight' items that were due back in the Library in 2010. 

Teel told CBS, "Honestly, it was awful," of both her night in jail and being on the wrong end of the law.  "For me, it was very awful because I have never been in trouble for anything in my life."

However the Albuquerque police are not on a witch hunt for delinquent library books. The New York Daily News reported that the police were responding to a complaint of assault against her husband, Jimmy, only to realize that Teel had a warrant out on her arrest.

Her husband was also arrested for aggravated battery and evidence tampering.

Teel claims she never received a court summons or notification of a warrant as police mailed it last year to an address at which Teel hadn't lived since childhood, SF Gate reported. 

Portales City Attorney Stephen Doerr dismissed charges against Lori Teel on Monday.

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