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'The Book That Can't Wait' disappears as you read it (VIDEO)


The Book That Can't Wait disappears as you read, so hurry up!



Eterna Cadencia, a small Argentinean publisher, came up with the idea of helping new and up-and-coming Latin authors sell more books by making their novels literally disappear off the shelves. 

The publisher just revealed its project, El Libro Que No Puede Esperar or, The Book That Can’t Wait.

In a video the publisher explains that "books are patient objects" often relegated to shelves for years. However, in the case of first time authors, if nobody reads their book, they never make it to a second. 

To combat the problem, Eterna Cadencia invented a new type of ink that disappears two months after the reader cracks the first page. 

Watch the explanation video for further details: 


The Verge further explained that the specially-developed ink used in the books works via a chemical process that makes it disappear when it comes into contact with light and air.  The Verge compared it to a more modern counterpart, the app Write or Die, which combats writer's block by deleting text after a certain amount of time without user input.

The LA Times reported that the disappearing book has been a huge success with Argentinean readers.  Eterna Cadencia sold out of its entire first disappearing-ink printing in a single day.

What do you do with the book you literally can't put down after it has disappeared? Geekosystem advices you pick up a pen and write your own novel inside.