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Mexico: doctors remove 33-pound tumor from 2 year old


A view of the skyline of Mexico City, Mexico, on June 26, 2012.


John Moore

Mexican doctors say they have successfully removed a 33-pound benign tumor from a 2-year-old boy, named by Britain's Daily Mail as Jesus Rodriguez.

The Associated Press cited a doctor as saying the tumor was heavier than Rodriguez, who at the time of the June 14 surgery weighed 26 pounds.

It was not the heaviest tumor ever removed. 

According to the Daily Mail, doctors removed a tumor weighing nearly 56 pounds from the womb of an Argentine woman in August 2010.

The paper equated the weight of that tumor — which had been growing for 18 months — to "an average 4-year-old" and cited doctors as saying it was one of the biggest ever cut out.

The woman, 54, was discharged weighing 70 pounds less than when she was admitted to hospital.

And in a first, Miami doctors announced last week that they had successfully removed a peach-sized tumor from a 21-week-old fetus.

That child, now 20 months old, was born healthy with a only small scar.

The doctors described their feat in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Dr Gustavo Hernandez of the La Raza Medical Centre in Mexico City said Rodriguez, from the northern state of Durango, was born with his lump and that it eventually stretched from his armpit to his hip.

Surgery to remove the tumor took 10 hours.

Hernandez, director of pediatric at La Raza, said it was the first time Mexican doctors had removed a tumor bigger than the person carrying it.

The boy was recovering, he said.

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