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'Anti-cheating' wedding ring imprints 'I'm married' onto your finger


Would this ring stop you from cheating?

We thought all wedding rings were "anti-cheating," but this one takes it to the next level. 

A new "anti-cheating" wedding ring, released by "inappropriate gift market", imprints the words "I'm Married" into you or your spouse's finger as you wear it, to nip the old "slipping the ring off the finger" trick in the bud, New York Daily News reported

As the Sun points out, this comes from the same website that brought the world "HickyTats" (cutout possessive messages that are imprinted on skin via, yes, a hickey) and "Dirty Doilies." 

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"With Arnold, Tiger and two timing IMF guy in mind, we have created this wedding ring for people intent on cheating," the company wrote in the ring's description, nodding towards high-profile adultery cases. "The negative engraving on the inside means that when you are in the ‘Club’ and an attractive woman…or man comes along to chat, slipping your wedding ring off is not an option." 

The ring is made of pure titanium, and retails for $550, "with a lifetime guarantee, 'til death and all that."  

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