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Austrian entrepreneur offers floating, manmade paradise: Orsos Island


The sun rises over Guimaras island in the Philippines.


Romeo Gacad

Owning one's own island is no longer the preserve of the mega rich.

An Austrian firm has designed a floating, manmade variation on the theme which can be purchased for a mere $6.5 million, according to Agence France-Presse

The "islands" — technically boats, which don't have motors but can be towed to your chosen location — have been dubbed Orsos Islands after their creator Gabor Orsos.

Measuring 66 feet by 121 feet, they can sleep up to 12 people and and offer 10,760 square feet of living space.

The Orsos Island website describes the Orsos’ website describes the islands as "an easy going, relaxed and personal holiday experience that combines all the positive aspects of mainland real estate and luxury yachts."

They are also environmentally friendly, according to the site, with solar panels and wind generators providing power

Orsos plans to manufacture them in landlocked Slovakia, then ship them down the Danube River into the Black Sea.

The Slovak Spectator wrote that Orsos, an Austrian businessman of Hungarian origin, was in negotiations with Komarno shipyards constructed.

"The interest has been massive from all over the world - from Australia, China, the United States. We have already had the first preorders, and we have some potential buyers coming from Australia next week," the entrepreneur was quoted by AFP as saying.

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