Singles look for love at pheromone parties (VIDEO)

Israelis on June 10, 2005 in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Credit: Uriel Sinai

Singles looking for dates have turned to pheromone parties to find the right match.

The matchmaking parties held in New York and Los Angeles help people find their match by asking  "guests to submit a slept-in T-shirt that will be smelled by other participant," the Associated Press reported.

The idea to pick your partner based on their smell is the brainchild of Judith Prays, who said she came up with the idea after failing to find a guy online.

According to CNN before the party, participants have to sleep in the T-shirt three days in a row, stick it in a plastic bag and freeze it. At the party, singles smell the shirt and decide whether they want to be matched up with the owner.

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Research shows humans can detect scents to sort out genetic combinations that could lead to weaker offspring, the AP wrote.

Prays, a web developer who now lives in Atlanta, said she remembered the smell of her former boyfriend.

"Even when he smelled objectively bad, I thought he smelled really good," Prays said. "And so I thought, OK, maybe I should be dating based on smell?"

A reporter from The Daily shot this video at one of the parties.

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