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Azonto: A Dance Craze from Ghana Taking Over the World

Over the past year, a new dance craze has popped onto the Ghanaian music scene and has been making waves across West Africa and beyond.

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It is called "Azonto" and calls for dancers to sort of act out their occupation. It has spread out of Ghana and has become a rage in Ghanaian communities in the US and Britain.

Anchor Marco Werman talks to the BBC's Alex Jakana, who recently returned to London from experiencing the Azonto craze.

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    The BBC's Alex Jakana(center-left) learning the Azonto from his Ghanaian tutor(center-right) while covering the story. (Photo: BBC)


    Manya Gupta

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    Ghanaian comedian, Fanny Face Benson doing the Azonto. (Photo: