North Korean defectors get their own TV show in South Korea


North Korean defectors get their own hybrid talent-talkshow in South Korea.


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North Korean defectors get their own television show in South Korea.

Reuters reported that the television show comprises about a dozen North Korean women that escaped their homeland and now appear on the hybrid talk and talent show.

"Now on My Way to Meet You," is shot in Goyang, a city northwest of Seoul, and aims at building understanding between the two Koreas.

The show consists of three moderators and ranges from the ridiculous to the tragic, said the Los Angeles Times.

After the women display their various talents, the rest of the show is dedicated to comparing and contrasting life in the two Koreas.

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Men will be included on the panel soon.

Reuters said that the panelists often rotate with new personalities coming on the show to exhibit their talent and recount personal stories about life in the North.

"The defectors say that they feel anonymous, like a seed of grain dropped from the sky in a foreign place when they first arrive in South Korea," said show producer Lee Jin-min to the Los Angeles Times.

"Hearing the stories from such people makes it more personal and can call attention to the fact that war and separation is an ongoing issue."

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