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New Zealand’s hottest wife competition has a winner


Jenna Curtis, the rugged, wild chick that every red blooded Kiwi male dreams of.


The Rock

She isn’t just a pretty face. She is also a talented boar hunter.

With credentials like these, it's obvious that when it comes to beauty pageants nobody can keep up with the women of New Zealand.

Jenna Curtis of Taranaki has won the crown of Rock Wife 2012, a nationwide radio competition by The Rock station.

The competition's noble goal? To find New Zealand's hottest and best outdoor partner.

The moment after her lucky man, Donald Moratti, sent in a picture of his “missus” with a dead boar slung over her shoulders, New Zealand had its new favorite it girl.

According to The Rock, Curtis received 23 percent of the total votes from the public. She was described as representing “the rugged, wild chick that every red blooded Kiwi male dreams of."

The radio station also said she proved girls can get "down and dirty with nature and still look bloody good doing it."

According to TVNZ, the win follows controversy that erupted after a photo of another wild Kiwi chick hit the news last month.

At the Taranaki Bride of the Year competition, Katrina Hayman hit the headlines after a photo of her chugging a beer was published in the Taranaki Daily News.

Some Kiwis dubbed the photo “disgusting,” while she made others proud.

Between the beer-chugging bride, the boar-hunting beauty queen — and considering the fact that Kiwi women regularly place near the top in surveys of the world's most promiscuous women — New Zealand might just have the kind of rugged, wild chicks that every red blooded male dreams of.