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Aimee Copeland is still in terrible pain, her dad announces in a Father's Day blog post


Aimee Copeland (left) has had her left leg, other foot and both hands amputated in her battle against a flesh-eating bacteria she developed after a fall from a west Georgia zip line May 1.


Father's Day was tough for Aimee Copeland's father. In a Father's Day blog post, Andy Copeland announced that Aimee is still in an enormous amount of pain, feeling even worse than she felt before.

Aimee became infected with so-called "flesh-eating bacteria," or necrotizing fasciitis, this spring after suffering a cut on her calf from a zip line accident. Her left leg and right foot have both been amputated, as have her hands. Her condition had been marked as "critical," but last week, doctors upgraded it to "serious," the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported

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On Friday, Andy Copeland announced that Aimee was refusing to take pain medications because of "personal convictions," USA Today reported. "The area of her wound, which I saw for the first time on Sunday during a dressing change, is massive," her father had said Friday, adding that nurses were shocked at her courage and her refusal to take morphine. 

However, on Sunday this was no longer the case. In a new blog post, Andy Copeland announced that Aimee now depends on the drugs, which still aren't doing enough to ease all of her pain. "Aimee is now taking pain medication in as liberal a dose as can be prescribed...Aimee’s refusal to use pain medication has ceased following her most recent surgery. She is now requesting it ahead of schedule."

The increased amount of pain she is feeling comes after she had a skin graft surgery. "She says that she feels like a patchwork quilt, because her body is a collection of skin grafts and bandages," her father wrote.