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Sweden: Wildlife park worker killed in wolf attack


No one witnessed the attack, but its thought the pack of wolves surrounded, attacked and killed the Kolmarden park worker.


John Moore

A pack of wolves has attacked and killed a worker in their enclosure at the Kolmarden wildlife park near Braviken Bayin Sweden.

UPI reports that eight wolves are understood to have surrounded and attacked the 30-year-old woman shortly after she entered their enclosure alone. 

CNN explains that rescue workers and park employees were unable to reach the victim. 

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"You can't just go in to a pack of wolves," the emergency services coordinator Jan Tengeborg said. "Police and ambulance staff couldn't get close to the victim until later."

"She was so badly hurt in the attack that she died of her injuries," a police spokesman for the Ostergotland district, where the Kolmarden park is located, is quoted as saying by Reuters.

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Police were at the scene investigating the incident but said they did not know what caused the attack, and there were no witnesses.

The Sun says the same pack of wolves attacked TV naturalist Arne Weise when Kolmarden Wildlife Park opened in 2007. It is now one of the country's most popular wildlife parks.