Car bombing kills 26 in Pakistan tribal region


A deadly car bombing in a Pakistani tribal region kills 26.


Express News/ABP

A deadly car bomb blast in Pakistan Saturday kills 26.

The attack occured in a crowded bazaar in Landi Kotal in the northwest Pakistan tribal region and is said to have wounded over 50 people, reported Arab News.

The attack appeared to be aimed at a tribal leader allied with the government against the Pakistani Taliban.

The Associated Press reported that the nearby hospital, Farooq Shah said the death toll had reached 26 people but other new agencies have reported less dead.

By Saturday evening no group had claimed responsibility for the attack.

The New York Times reported that officials believed the attack was committed by Lashkar-i-Islam, a militant Islamic group active in the Khyber region.

The attack happened near the Torkham crossing between Pakistan and Afghanistan - a supply route for NATO that was recently closed by the Pakistani government.