2 Canadian sisters die in Thailand resort from poisoning


A view along a beach is seen on Phi Phi Island, Thailand.


Chris McGrath

Poisoning likely killed two Canadian sisters this week on the same island in Thailand where two women died in 2009.

A maid discovered Audrey and Noemi Belanger dead in their beds on Thursday evening at the Phi Phi Palms Residence on Phi Phi Island.

“There was a lot of vomit in the room, and both bodies showed similar signs [of trauma],” Lt-Col Rat Somboon told the Phuket Gazette. “They had skin lesions and it seemed that they had bled from the gums. Also, their fingernails and toenails were blue.”

An autopsy is expected to determine exact cause of death.

The sisters, age 20 and 25, traveled to Thailand from the small town of Pohénégamook, Que., but were studying in Quebec City, CBC News said.

Hospital staff that responded said the women likely died 12 to 20 hours before being discovered.

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The maid tried to clean the room early, but nobody answered so she left, thinking the guests wanted privacy.

She returned that evening and tried knocking again, but became concerned when there was still no answer, so she used a master key to gain entry.

“Canadian consular officials in Bangkok are providing consular assistance to the family and are in contact with local authorities,” a Foreign Affairs representative, Claude Rochon, told CBC.

In 2009, an American and a Norwegian woman died on Phi Phi Island, Phuketwan.com reported.

Jill St-Onge, 27, and Julie Michelle Bergheim, 22, died in adjoining rooms after falling ill; police never solved that case.

Bars and beaches draw young tourists to Phi Phi Island. Leonardo DiCaprio filmed many scenes for his movie “The Beach” at nearby Maya Bay.