Toddler ejected from SUV during police chase (VIDEO)


Police video shows an 18-month-old girl running after being ejected from an SUV during a police chase.


Fox News

An 18-month-old girl survived with minor injuries after being ejected from an SUV during a police chase, new video released today shows.

Cameras mounted to the police car’s dash show the SUV rolling after a high-speed pursuit in Lubbock, Texas, on Saturday night.

The little girl is lying on the pavement, stands and runs after the car before stumbling again and falling.

One of three teen suspects grabs the girl and begins running down the street.

The toddler was released from hospital and is now with family, Fox News reported.

Police were responding to a robbery report, MSNBC said.

Chelsea Betenbough, 19, called 911 after her purse was stolen by a man who threatened to shoot her.

“He was getting in the car and I said, ‘All that with a baby in the back seat?’ I was shocked I saw her,” Betenbough told MSNBC.

Police quickly found the suspect vehicle.

The toddler’s father, 17-year old Kenny Jimenez, two 16-year old girls and a 14-year old boy face robbery, injury to a child, unauthorized use of a vehicle, evading arrest and organized crime charges, CBS News said.

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