A sign is displayed outside of an Arby's restaurat on January 20, 2011 in South San Francisco, California. Wendy's/Arby's Group announced that it may sell its struggling Arby's roast beef sandwich chain in order to focus exclusively on the Wendy's brand.
Credit: Justin Sullivan

A man has suffered genital burns from a dysfunctional toilet at an Arby's restaurant, a lawsuit alleges

In May 2010, Kenneth DeJoie and his wife went out to an Arby's in Monument, Colorado. But instead of having a nice meal, they left the restaurant with permanent damage to their sex life, CBS Denver reported.

Disaster struck for DeJoie after he went to the men's restroom. He says he was using the urinal when a jet of scalding-hot steam suddenly shot out, badly burning DeJoie, Courthouse News Service reported.

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Even more disturbing than the incident though is DeJoie's account of what happened afterward: when he reported the incident, an employee matter-of-factly explained that “this happens when the sink in the kitchen is running." He says the employee also said, “we have that bathroom problem again," CBS reported. 

DeJoie and his legal team say the response proves that the Arby's employees knew that the plumbing regularly malfunctions, putting other customers at risk of suffering painful genital burns. The DeJoies are seeking damages for negligence, premises liability and loss of sexual activity, Courthouse News Service reported. 

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