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UK siblings oldest in the world, says Guinness World Records (VIDEO)


Two siblings (not pictured) have been recognized by the Guinness World Records as the oldest siblings in the world. The sisters, Dorothy Richards, 108, and Marjorie Ruddle, 105, were reunited on June 7, 2012, to celebrate the record.


Christopher Furlong

Two sisters from the UK were officially recognized by the Guinness World Records as the oldest siblings in the world, according to the BBC.

Dorothy Richards, 108, and sister Marjorie Ruddle, 105, were born and brought up in Northampton and attended college in London, said the BBC.

ITV said the pair lived apart, in Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire. The recognition by Guinness World Records was celebrated with a reunion and a special tea party on Thursday in Peterborough.

The two had not seen each other for more than two and a half years because of difficulties transporting them between their care homes, said the Rutland & Stamford Mercury.

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Richards' son, Philip, said, "It’s been absolutely brilliant. Auntie Marjorie didn’t know that Mother was coming today. The look on their faces was amazing."

"They struggled across the room and gave each other a big hug and we were all in tears," he added, according to the Rutland & Stamford Mercury.

For some context, Richards was born on December 15, 1903, just two days before the Wright Brothers' famous first flight.

Here is a video report from the BBC, courtesy of AOL: