Colombia protests rape and murder of woman in Bogotá park


A Colombian woman holds up a flag that reads "Long live peace" during a march against violence in February.



Almost 1,000 people protested yesterday the brutal rape and murder of 35-year-old Rosa Elvira Cely in Bogotá's National Park on May 24.

The protest began at a local church, which also held a memorial service for Cely, according to Agence France-Presse. Demonstrators carried flowers and signs saying "Not one more," "Life sentence for the rapists" and "No more violence against women."

Colombian authorities have charged a man with aggravated homicide, torture and rape in the attack that led to Cely's death, reported the Associated Press. She is said to have suffered stab wounds to various parts of her body and blow to her face and head, as well as injuries to her genitals and internal organs. Cely was taken to a hospital after the attack, but died of her injuries four days later.

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Several organizations issued statements at the march, condemning violence against women and demanding justice for Cely's daughter, said AFP.

"We regret the death of Rosa Elvira and reject violence," said Cristina Plaza, the high councilor on women's issues, according to the International Business Times. "We want quick justice in such cases because impunity is a form of violence against women."

The IBT also reported that 51,000 women were attacked and raped in Colombia last year.