Panel of astrologers predict Obama will win in November


A panel of astrologers said the stars are aligned for Obama to win re-election.


Madel Ngan

Good news for Obama: the stars are aligned for his victory.

A panel of astrologers has predicted that President Obama will win re-election in November.

The final word came from the last day of an astrology conference in New Orleans. The experts also were able to forecast earthquakes and explored the impact of lunar cycles on US stocks and demonstrated how to use planetary charts to find a job, according to USA Today. 

"Everybody sees astrology a little differently. It's important to have astrologers from around the world in the same place," Ingrid Zhang, 50, an astrologer from Beijing, told USA Today. 

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The group has historically been right. In 2008 they accurately predicted that Obama would be victorious over John McCain. 

Each of the five astrologers on the panel explained they came to their assessments by relying on studies of celestial charts on both Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney. They looked at both the date of the election and the presidential inauguration, according to News24.

Chicago astrologist and corporate lawyer Nina Gryphon, told News24 she specifically focused on the Aries ingress, which is the exact time when the Sun enters the star alignment of Aries. "It's obvious. Obama stays where he is without a change in status," she said. 

The group did see some dark moments coming up for politics. They noted that Mercury, the sun, and the Earth will come into alignment for a Mercury retrograde on Election Day, which could lead to voting problems. Newser noted that the last time a Mercury retrograde occurred on Election Day, was in 2000, when Florida required a recount to finalize a winner. 

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