Mexico: PepsiCo attacked by drug cartel

Mexican potato chip company Sabritas, a subsidiary of US food giant PepsiCo, was the target of a drug cartel this weekend when it firebombed delivery trucks and warehouses.

Five of Sabritas's distribution centers were attacked in Guanajuato and Michoacan states and dozens of delivery trucks were burned, according to CNN. The company did not release any details of the damage done, but there are reports that the attacks caused "serious material losses." No on was injured or killed.

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A lieutenant from the Knights Templar drug cartel, whose home turf is said to be Michoacan state, has been detained in connection with the firebomb attacks, reported Fox News. The cartel is a pseudo-religious group that split from the state's La Familia cartel last year.

The Associated Press also reported that four alleged members of the Knights Templar cartel had been arrested in connection with the attacks.

According to CNN, the suspects face charges of aggravated arson, but authorities are investigating them for connections with organized crime.

Julio Hernandez, a spokesman for Michoacan state, said the attacks could further hurt investment in the state.

"There will be effects on investment," Hernandez said to the AP. "In fact, private investment, both foreign and domestic, has been stalled in recent years. There hasn't been any."