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How Chinese Tastes Are Influencing International Car Design


The last Chinese Emperor, Pu Yi, owned this Buick.

Earlier this spring, there were two big car shows: the New York Auto Show and the Auto China exhibition, held in Beijing.

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The two events were scheduled at around the same time.

Auto journalist, Phil Patton, said that forced some auto executives to choose which one they'd go to.

"They're trying to be delicate but there are many cases where executives have skipped New York to hit Beijing."

China's at the top of the pecking order because, despite a slowdown in the Chinese economy, people there are buying lots of cars.

Listen to this story from the World's Alex Gallafent to find out how that fact is making itself felt in the design of new cars, such as the Nissan Altima.

Plus an insight into why the Buick brand means ultimate luxury in China.