Iran threatens to sue Google over missing 'Persian Gulf'


Iran threatened Google with lawsuit for dropping 'Persian Gulf' label in its online map service.



Iran threatened to sue internet giant Google after the company dropped the name 'Persian Gulf' from its online map service.

The body of water often referred to as the 'Persian Gulf,' and sometimes, the 'Arabian Gulf,' is missing a name on Google Maps.

"One of the seditionist acts taken as part of the soft war against the Iranian nation has been Google's shameless act to drop the name 'Persian Gulf' which is ... against historical documents," said Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast, according to Reuters.

"We have put on our agenda to make an official complaint against Google."

The Associated Press reported that Iran said that Google would face "serious damages" if it did not relabel the body of water.

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The quarrel over the name of the waterway has lasted for decades.

Iran has condemned the usage of the name 'Arabian Gulf' in the past.

A Google spokesperson said the body of water was never labeled.

"It's just simply the case that we don't have a label for every body of water," the spokesperson said anonymously to CNN.

Although the water is not labelled, a search on Google Maps for 'Persian Gulf' takes the user to the said location.