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Prince Charles does the weather for BBC (VIDEO)


Prince Charles before delivering the weather on BBC Scotland.



Prince Charles had to deliver some very bad news to the people of Scotland this week. The news being, it's going to be a very cold and rainy weekend. 

His Royal Highness stopped by the BBC Scotland station on Thursday along with his wife Camila, according to The National Post, while touring the BBC’s Glasgow studio in honor of its 60th anniversary.

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Already looking the part, the Great Steward of Scotland did an excellent job reciting the daily weather in his classic posh British accent. He did fumble over a few words to which he remarked, "Who the hell wrote this script?"

The Washington Post noted Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, also took her turn in front of the weather map. She however did not fare as well as her husband. "She was stymied by problems," said The Washington Post, "with a crackling microphone aggravated by her fidgeting hands."

The video has become somewhat of a viral sensation in the UK. Michael Hogan wrote in a review for Telegraph, "Charles was an undoubted hit. Engaging, avuncular and natural in front of the camera. His cold front melted to produce a warm wave of affection across the UK.”

The Prince of Whales signed off with a laugh about the bad weather forecast adding,  "Thank God it isn't a bank holiday."

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