Free Syrian Army amassing weapons


Members of the Free Syrian Army take position in northwestern Syria on Feb. 22, 2012.


Bulent Kilic

Reporting from inside Syria is no easy task. But Al Jazeera English reporter James Bays and cameraman Tom Nicholson have come out with an impressive account of Free Syrian Army movements in al-Qusayr, in the country's south.

The defected Syrian soldiers Bays interviews say they are using a relative lull in fighiting brought on by a nominal UN-Arab League cease-fire to regroup and amass weapons.

A GlobalPost journalist inside Syria, who remains anonymous for security reasons, has found the Syrian government is behaving in much the same way. Syrian forces have built concrete walls around restive neighborhoods and set up checkpoints around the country that make movements for even ordinary Syrians living in rebellious regions virtually impossible.

The reports, taken together, seem to point to an inevitable resumption of large-scale clashes once UN and Arab League observers leave the country. The end result may only be determined by who is better armed. If the international community continues to hold out on supporting the rebels, the Syrian government will almost certainly hold the advantage.

Here's the Al Jazeera report: