UK Labour Party leader Ed Miliband hit with an egg (VIDEO)


Labour Party Leader Ed Miliband gives the keynote address to delegates at the Scottish Labour Party Conference on March 2 in Dundee, Scotland.


Jeff J Mitchell

UK Labour Party leader Ed Miliband had a successful day on the campaign trial in Southampton--until he got hit with an egg.

Miliband was celebrating a recent victory, thanking Southampton residents for re-electing Labour Party councillor Richard Williams in a television interview, the Mirror reported.  

But a protester then interrupted him mid-interview. The egg-wielding protester had an unusually direct approach. Instead of throwing the egg, the protester walked through the crowd and slapped the egg directly on Miliband's shoulder, the Daily Telegraph reported

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Miliband looked a little surprised at first before calmly removing his jacket and continuing with the interview. 

He later joked on Twitter: “For those wondering about the egg’s origins, fairly sure it wasn’t free range but nothing can take away from the cracking result in Southampton…”

He took a considerably calmer approach than former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott. In 2001, Prescott was also egged by a protester, the Daily Telegraph reported at the time. Prescott responded by punching him. 

Watch a video of Miliband's egg attack below: