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Geek love: Only in India would a man claim to work for NASA to pick up women

Formula One driver, business tycoon or yacht captain might be the con man's careers of choice elsewhere. But in India, it's brains, not looks or money, that lures the ladies.

Witness the success of a 45-year-old con man who was arrested by Indian police for allegedly impersonating a NASA scientist and cheating single women on matrimony sites. 

According to India's NDTV, he'd float his academic credentials, pop the question, and then lure his unsuspecting fiancees into investing huge amounts in property. Then he'd take off.

His latest victim told the police he not only went for the basic Indian lie -- saying he was an Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) graduate. He also claimed he had been working for NASA as a scientist, and he was soon going to be awarded the Nobel prize.

To back up his story, he showed her photographs of himself with Barrack Obama and George Bush.

Attention credulous citizens: Those guys will pose with just about anyone.