Kidnapped Spanish doctor freed in Nigeria


Chris McManus, a British citizen, was taken hostage by terrorists in Northern Nigeria last May. He was taken hostage with his Italian colleague Franco Lamolinara. Both worked as engineers for an Italian construction firm.



A Spanish doctor who was kidnapped in Nigeria earlier this month has been released. 

Jose Manuel Machimbarrena Corcuera was released Friday, a Nigerian foreign ministry spokesman told Agence France-Presse

The spokesman told the news agency Machimbarrena was "tired but in good health." 

He was kidnapped from his home April 4, Reuters said. The news agency said the doctor has been living in Nigeria since 1978. 

Several foreigners have been kidnapped and held for ransom in oil-rich Nigeria in recent years. Most victims are released after ransom payments are made, AFP said. 

Not all situations end so happily, however. Two Europeans were killed after a failed hostage rescue attempt in Nigeria last month.

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It wasn't clear whether a ransom was paid Machimbarrena's release.

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