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Anderson Cooper apologizes over Dyngus Day giggles


CNN correspondent and host of AC360, Anderson Cooper.


Mark Mainz

Anderson Cooper, CNN’s most dapper news anchor, apologized for his uncontrollable giggle fit and ill-timed comment during a RidicuList segment that featured the obscure Catholic American Polish holiday, Dyngus Day.

Take a look (skip to about 1:17 for the Dyngus Day factoid that got Cooper reeling):

“Boys sprink[e] girls that they fancy with water, and the girls strik[e] back with a tap from a pussy willow branch.” Cue the laughter. 

Cooper later tweeted, “Just learned some groups believe I called Dyngus Day ‘so stupid' in ridiculist. I didn't. I was saying my giggling fit was ‘so stupid,'" according to CBS News.

Dyngus Day is an annual post-Lent party that celebrates the coming of spring and Polish pride with polka bands and vodka, according to Dyngus Day's official website.

Later in a statement Cooper said, “I am concerned to hear that some people believe that I called Dyngus Day celebrations ‘stupid’ or in any way criticized this holiday. I did not. While in the midst of a silly giggle fit I said ‘this is so stupid’ in reference to my inability to stop laughing,” according to the Daily News

It’s the second time Cooper has caught a case of the on air giggles. The first time his high-pitched laughter went viral was when he broke down during a RidicuList segment that featured Gerard Depardieu’s airline urination, according to Entertainment Weekly.

To make amends for any offense Dyngus Day adherants might have taken, Cooper invited Buffalo’s Dyngus Day co-founder Eddy Dobosiewicz to comment on AC360, According to Entertainment Weekly.

Dobosiewicz said:

“Although you have upset many, many people here in Western New York and throughout the land, we accept your apology, Mr. Cooper.”

Dobosiewicz then asked Cooper to be a Pussy Willow Prince.

Dyngus Day's official website thanked Cooper "for helping making Dyngus Day in Buffalo an international news story." it also said, "If Mr. Cooper's schedule permits, Cooper will assume the title of 'Pussy Willow Prince' during Dyngus Day 2013."