Suicide attack in Afghanistan's Faryab province kills at least 10: police


Afghan security personnel walk at the site of a suicide attack in Maymanah in Faryab province on October 17, 2011. A suicide bomber targeting the provincial head of Afghanistan's intelligence agency blew himself up, wounding the chief and killing a child in the north of the country, police said.



Afghan police said a motorcycle suicide bombing in the country's northern Faryab province today killed at least 10 people, according to The Associated Press

Police spokesman Lal Mohammad Ahmad Zai told AP the attack killed two children, two women, four police officers, and two civilians.

It was not clear what prompted the attack in Maimanah, Zai told AP. Attacks in Afghanistan's north are much rarer than in the restive south or east.

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But fomer lawmaker Haji Ahmad Khan told the BBC that the bomber was targeting an important meeting under way in the provincial capital there, saying the "suicide attacker got inside the meeting and attacked."

"There is blood everywhere," Khan told BBC. "There are body parts scattered.''

NATO today said a bomb attack today in the north killed two service members, but it was not immediately clear if the two events were related, according to AP.  

The roughly 130,000 Nato-led troops in Afghanistan are set to withdraw by the end of 2014.