Russia: Fire engulfs Moscow's Federation Tower skycraper (VIDEO)


Flames engulf the 67th floor of the eastern Federation Tower in Moscow, Europe's tallest building-to-be.



Fire has ripped through the top floors of the Federation Tower, a partially-built skyscraper in Moscow that is to become Europe's tallest building.

Reuters says helicopters had to be called in to drop water collected from the nearby Moscow river onto the flames, and 20 brigades of firefighters were at the scene.

The Associated Press describes how the "flames danced for hours . . . lighting up the night sky," adding that it took about three hours to contain the blaze.

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The fire reportedly covered about 985 square feet and engulfed the 67th floor, according to local media RIA Novosti and Rossiya 24, and could be seen from most of the Russian capital's western half, up to seven miles away.

Fourteen people working at the floors hit by the fire were evacuated, but there were no reports of casualties, RT reports.

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Witnesses quoted by the news service say it resembled a "fiery crown on top of the building.”

The Federation Tower has been under construction for 10 years, Business Insider explains, and will be part of the international Moscow City center.  The development consists of two towers, the 797 foot tall "East" tower and the 1,181 foot "West" tower that caught fire.

The building's owner, Sergei Polonsky, told Rossiya 24 that there was no threat of the building collapsing.