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Batman pulled over by cops in Maryland (VIDEO)


Batman, were you speeding?


Washington Post

Even Batman gets pulled over.

Police in Montgomery, Maryland were in for quite a surprise last week when they pulled over a man in a black Lamborghini for having unregistered license plates: the driver was dressed in a $5,000 Batman suit, Reuters reported.

The man's license plates, incidentally, read "BATMAN." Like in most states, Maryland requires motor vehicle owners to display license plates in the front and back of their vehicles so that they can be identified from afar by law enforcement officers, Reuters reported. 

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The driver, whose real name is Lenny B. Robinson, did have legal license plates and registration inside his car, which he showed to police upon request, Voice of America reported.

After posing for an photo with the officers, he was allowed to go on his way to entertain children at a hospital, according to Voice of America. 

Robinson is a self-made businessman who owns both the costume and the car, according to Reuters. He also purchases about $25,000 worth of Batman gear every year to give out during his visits to children's hospitals. 

The bizarre picture was posted to the police department's official Twitter and Facebook pages, along with a note clarifying that the "Batmobile" wasn't towed, the Baltimore Sun reported.