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Houston Chronicle reporter fired for working as a stripper on the side


Strippers in a North Dakota oil boomtown are making up to $2,000 a night.


Justin Sullivan

Sarah Tressler had trouble making ends meet as a freelance writer, so she began stripping on the side about eight years ago.

"The reason I started dancing, it sort of just boils down to money," Tressler told ABC. "The economy was bad."

But in January, she finally got hired on as a full-time society columnist at the Houston Chronicle.

Tressler openly blogged about her life, but never told her new bosses outright about the stripping gig and didn't think they would find out.

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“The idea of somebody outing me seemed like it would be like such a mean thing to do that I never thought anybody would do it,” Tressler said on Good Morning America. “I guess I was wrong.”

Tressler's somewhat secret side job became more public Monday, when the Houston Press blogged about her double life.

"​It sounds like a bad rom-com book and movie, which no doubt its author hopes it will be," the Houston Press said in a critical blog post.

Tressler then tweeted from her Angry Stripper account: "I have a confession to make: I was a reporter! Please don't hold it against me."

She was then fired from the Houston Chronicle, ABC reported. The Chronicle declined to comment to ABC about the decision. 

Some have argued that her firing is unfair.

"What, exactly, has Tressler done wrong here?" Jezebel wrote in a commentary.  "Stripping is legal. It's something that Tressler apparently chose to do on her own accord."