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'Shitter' prints your tweets on toilet paper



Forgot your bathroom reading material? A new startup company based in Sydney, Australia and New York wants to help.

'Shitter' will print twitter feeds on your toilet paper, giving you time to catch up on tweets while in the bathroom.

"We found ourselves in conversation about how ridiculous so much of what is going on in the social media space is," said co-founder David Gillespie to the Daily News. "Companies with no revenue, working on things that aren't problems, attracting valuations based on a user-base that won't pay for a thing."

The company’s motto: “Social Media has never been so disposable.”

According to the Daily News, the rolls are sold in packs of 4 at $35 and customers can choose to print their own feeds or their friends'. 

Is it worth it?

If Shitter’s rolls have the standard 75 sheets, Mashable calculated that customers would be paying 8.5 cents a sheet.

An idea that's sending social media literally down the drain.