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Google to sell tablet by the end of the year


Google co-founder Larry Page.


Ethan Miller

A Google tablet may be arriving this year, reported the Wall Street Journal Thursday, citing sources familiar with the company.

The New York Post reported that the Google tablet could sell for as little as $150 dollars, potentially setting off price wars with its rivals Amazon and Apple.

The move by Google would likely be a response to its less-than-stellar sales of tablets powered by the company's Android platform.

Instead of using third party companies to sell its platform, Google would brand and build them itself.

Analysts said that the new tablet would likely be made by Asus, a Taiwan-based maker of the Android-powered Transformer Prime, reported the New York Post.

Google declined to comment about the news, as did maker Asus.

In 2010, Google tried a similar move to sell smartphones under its name but the attempt was quickly scrapped after lagging sales.