The Black Sea is right in between eastern Europe and western Asia. There are dozens of popular seaside towns along the Black Sea. Places like Neptun in Romania, Ordu in Turkey and Sochi in Russia. The one we are looking for is a Georgian city. It is the capital of the Georgian region Adjara. The mayor there hopes to introduce more tourists to local Georgian traditions, especially one called Chacha, a traditional Georgian drink. Batumi is the answer to the Geo Quiz. It is where the mayor is planning to attract tourists and quench their thirst with something called a chacha tower. One day a week, for 15 minutes, a fountain at the foot of a tower will gush a traditional grade brandy called chacha, for the free enjoyment of anyone with a cup. Tbilisi-based reporter Giorgi Lomsadze has the story.

A painting of Batumi by Lev Feliksovich Lagorio painted in 1881. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Georgian woman holds a bottle of chacha (Binekhi Estragon). (Photo: Traubenberger/Wikipedia)

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