Syrian troops enter Lebanon, destroy farms and buildings


A Lebanese man stands on a dirt barrier which separates Lebanon from Syria in the Bekaa Valley region of al-Qaa in eastern Lebanon on October 21, 2011. Syrian shells fell in the border region as violence continues to erupt in and around the restive city of Homs.


Joseph Eid

BEIRUT, Lebanon — Syrian troops entered Lebanon near the border village of al-Qaa, Reuters reported.

Villagers said that roughly 35 troops crossed the border and destroyed farms and houses. Witnesses said they entered just a few hundred meters into Lebanon.

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The New York Times reported from al-Qaa that a Lebanese military official denied reports that Syrians had entred Lebanon. Instead, "heavy fighting had broken out in an area where Syrian government forces and rebels have traded fire in the past and a single mortar shell from those clashes landed 30 or 40 meters inside Lebanon," he said. 

The Times said the village is a smuggling route between Syria and Lebanon.

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