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‘Snow globe’ of cash falls from armored car


Armored-car officers speak to state troopers today near Washington after the truck lost more than $5,000.


4NBC Washington

An armored car made it rain today in Maryland, and about 30 motorists stopped to grab what they could as a “snow globe of cash” fell from the sky, The Associated Press reported.

Almost $6,000 fell from the armored vehicle as it traveled on Interstate 270 less than an hour from Washington, DC.

“It was in the traffic lanes and on the shoulders and just generally kind of like a snow globe of cash,” witness Heather Kelly told the AP. “Some people had fists full of money, fists full of dollars, and other people were just still trying to collect.”

The incident happened about 9 a.m. in the northbound lanes, WBFF in Baltimore reported.

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The money might have fallen out through an unsecured door, WBAL-TV said.

The bills ranged in denominations as high as $50, the station said.

State troopers asked anyone who might have cashed in to return the money to police. They said they wouldn’t ask questions, and wouldn’t lay charges.

The truck – operated by Montreal-based Garda World Security Services – also lost coins, the AP said.

Maryland State Police Sgt. Mark Cummings said the motorists that stopped seemed to have grabbed all the loose cash.

Nobody was injured.

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